STAY INFORMED: THAI ELECTIONS 2019 (in Collaboration with UBC Thai Aiyara)


Event Speaker:

Dr. Kai Ostwald and Dr. Elvin Ong


Event Summary

An event hosted by the Thai Student Association here at UBC under the name UBC Thai Aiyara. Stay informed sought to inform the Thai students of UBC about upcoming elections. With Thai elections set to begin on the 24th of March, Thai student representatives reached out to CSEAR for a collaborative seminar to inform Thai students on voting and politics surrounding current political turmoil. Beginning with Dr. Kai Ostwald’s presentation on the political history of Thailand the informal seminar transitioned into Dr. Elvin Ong’s presentation on different kinds of voting and why choosing how to vote matters. This soon transitioned into a student-led presentation on the different parties that are running. Finally, the evening event ended off with a round table discussion on politics where students were free to ask questions and talk about more serious topics.