CSEAR Brown Bag Lunch Sessions – Kilim Park

We’ll start off our 2016/17 Brown Bag Sessions Friday, November 25 at 12pm by hearing from Kilim Park, a PhD Candidate in Interdisciplinary.
About Kilim Park 
Kilim Park is a PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies. She is working on a dissertation about the life and memory of Indonesian migrant worker returnees living in the Greater Jakarta area. Kilim will share moments from her fieldwork in Indonesia that she conducted from January to April this year, and tell you about how they have been shaping her dissertation.
Light snacks are served
For questions, comments, etc. please email music@aaronpettigrew.com.

Hope to see you there!

About CSEAR Brown Bag Lunch Sessions
CSEAR Brown Bag Lunch Sessions are an opportunity for graduate students whose research deals with Southeast Asia to come together and share their work. Once a month or so students gather for lunch at the UBC Centre for Southeast Asian Research to listen, talk, and socialize. Each session features at least one guest speaker, with opportunities to hear from others, too.