UBC Faculty with Southeast Asia Focus

Leonora Angeles
Associate Professor (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice and School of Community and Regional Planning)

Richard Barichello
Professor (Faculty of Land and Food Systems)

Paul Evans
Professor (Institute of Asian Research)

Thomas Hunter
Lecturer (Department of Asian Studies)

Brian Job
Professor (Department of Political Science)

Michael Leaf
Associate Professor (School of Community and Regional Planning)

Kai Ostwald
Assistant Professor (Department of Political Science and Institute of Asian Research)

John Roosa
Associate Professor (Department of History)

Ilan Vertinsky
Professor (Sauder School of Business)

Amanda R. Cheong
Assistant Professor (Department of Sociology)

Naomi Schwartz
Assistant Professor (Department of Geography)

Professors Emerti

Roger Boshier
Emeritus, Educational Studies
Non-formal education: theory and practice. Singapore, Hong Kong.

Michael A. Goldberg
Emeritus, Sauder School of Business
Overseas Chinese, Southeast Asia, Foreign Direct Investment.

Tineke Hellwig
Emerita, Department of Asian Studies
Language and literature; representations of women in literature. Indonesia, Malaysia.

George Kennedy
Emeritus, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Agricultural agro-industrial and integrated natural resource management. Southeast Asia.

Aprodicio Laquian
Emeritus, Centre for Human Settlements
Planning and management of large metropolitan regions; low-cost housing and urban services; internal migration. Southeast Asia.

Terence G. McGee
Emeritus, Institute of Asian Research; Department of Geography
Mega-urban regions, rural-urban linkages. Malaysia, Indonesia.

Diane Mauzy
Emerita, Department of Political Science
Party politics, political succession. International human rights in Southeast Asia. Malaysia,Singapore, Indonesia, Australia.

Alexander B. Woodside
Emeritus, Department of History
History of modern Vietnam, China