Graduate Student Associates

Graduate Students Board of Directors

Isabel Chew (PhD, Political Science) – Myanmar

Nila A. Utami (PhD, History) – Indonesia

Constant Courtin (PhD, Political Science) – Myanmar


Graduate Students Affiliates

James Pangilinan (PhD, geography) – Philippines and Southeast Asia

Ayu Ratih (PhD, interdisciplinary studies) – Indonesia

Nathan Li (PhD, Political Science) – Singapore and Southeast Asia

Louisa-May Khoo (PhD, SCARP) – Singapore

Salihin Subhan (PhD, Political Science) – Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia


Institute of Asian Research Fellows for CSEAR 2022/23

Aydin Quach (MA, History)

Quinton Huang (MA, History)

Viktoria Zlomanova (MA, Political Science)

Allen B. Baylosis (PhD, GRSJ)

Muh. Syukron (PhD, Forestry)

Trinh Nguyen (PhD, School of Information)

David Deen (MA, SPPGA)

Nicole Ng (MA, SPPGA)