Japan and Korea in Southeast Asia: Roles, Influences, and Interests

Regional timings:

  • Pacific Standard Time: Thursday 3rd February 2022, 5pm.
  • Singapore Standard Time: Friday 4th February 2022, 9am.
  • Japan Standard Time: Friday 4th February 2022, 10am.

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The event is about the roles, influences and interests of Japan and Korea in Southeast Asia. With the continuous rise of China and many of its countries bordering major trade routes, Southeast Asia has become an important geopolitical area. The region is being courted and look at by numerous countries throughout the world with an intention of expanding their influence or increasing their economic opportunities. Japan has long established ties with different countries in the region, while Korea tries to mimic its developmental strategies and benefit from a rising cultural influence. Yet, Southeast Asia remains a region facing numerous challenges: developmental and environmental issues, political issues and rising geopolitical tensions. What are the roles that Japan, and Korea plays in Southeast Asia? Why does the region appear so attractive to them? What are their interests and how influential are they?
This roundtable discussion will attempt to address those questions and offer some thoughts on the ties that connect those two worlds, contextualising them and thinking about how these ties might evolve and what they can bring to Southeast Asia.

Dr. Nobuhiro Aizawa (Kyushu University), Dr. Yongwook Ryu (NUS) and Dr. Soo Yeon Kim (NUS) will be exchanging for 90 minutes on this topic, led by Dr Paul Evans (UBC).