Making a Just City: Implications for Public Policy


Susan S. Fainstein and Norman Fainstein delivered a lecture on Making a Just City. Having researched thoroughly the questions surrounding urban justice, Susan and Norman Fainstein presented one of the three fundamental principles of urban justice: spatial equity. 

The talk was illustrated by numerous examples, all fruits of Susan and Norman’s experience and travels. Examples were taken from Europe, Southeast Asia or North America so as to illustrate how did the questions of urban justice, and especially the notion of spatial equity, was dealt with in the past, how it is dealt with now and the shortcomings of current approaches. Singapore, Thailand and Singapore were part of the illustration discussed by Susan and Norman Fainstein and the audience. 

The presentation, as well as the discussion with the large audience, was the occasion to stress the importance of thinking informal settlements and the population that inhabit them – especially in Southeast Asia, but not only – in such a way that the principle of justice can be respected and followed