CSEAR, co-sponsored by the History Department at UBC, is organising a movie screening of ‘Pesantren – A Boarding School’. The movie will be followed by a roundtable discussion.

Pesantren (A Boarding School) offers rare access inside an Islamic boarding school, and an insight into a traditional educational system that fosters good character-building based on a peaceful religious teaching that has been practiced in Indonesia for centuries. Raising their students to respect and to have compassion towards others despite their differences, these schools are Indonesia’s last defense in the face of today’s rising extremism.
Amidst the cultural and religious backgrounds, Pesantren aims to present a more universal story, about young people who are struggling to overcome their limitations to reach their goals and dreams. The film attempts to raise awareness of the role of religion and culture in society, and to enhance social and personal sensitivity towards social contexts and its consequences. It also aims to encourage dialogues on tolerance, diversity, and inclusion in society.

The movie screening will be followed by a roundtable discussion organised by the Centre for Southeast Asia Research (CSEAR) and sponsored by the Department of History at UBC. Shalahuddin Siregar (movie director), Okky Madasari (Novelist and PhD Candidate) and Dr. John Roosa (Department of History) will be part of the panel discussion.