Louisa-May Khoo


Louisa-May Khoo was an urban planner involved in public policy and research in Singapore.  As Senior Assistant Director with the policy research think-tank Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC), I led the housing and social research teams, focusing on issues relating to affordable housing, immigration and diversity. Having been awarded the International Doctoral Fellowship by UBC, I moved to Vancouver in Fall 2018 to extend my work with vulnerable communities.

My work sits at the intersections of planning governance and urban studies, with a broader mission to develop a human centricity in public policy. Specifically, my research explores the connections between urban transformation and mental wellness. My dissertation interrogates these connections with a focus on the ageing experience of older adults in Singapore.

Louisa holds a BA and a MSSc in Geography, both from the National University of Singapore.

(Recent publications)Khoo, L-M (in press) ‘Towards Ageing Well: Planning a Future-Ready Singapore’, Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore

Khoo, L-M (2019) “Making Trust a Planning Asset: Singapore’s Community Engagement Journey” in Urban Solutions , Issue 15, High Trust Cities, Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore

Khoo, L-M and Boh, J (2018), “Engaging Well, Forging Bonds: The Community as Stakeholders in Urban Development”, Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore.

Khoo, L-M, et. al. (2017) “Understanding Ethnic and Nationality Clusters in Singapore: the Meyer Road Neighbourhood”, internal government report (classified), Ministry of National Development, Singapore.

Khoo, L-M and Bunnell, T (2017) ‘Producing Cohesion: Governmentality and Everyday Multiculture in Global City Singapore’, paper presented at Migrants in Global Cities: Experiences from Asia, the Middle East and Europe | National University of Singapore (NUS) and Universite Sorbonne Paris Cite (USPC) | October 30, 2017

Khoo, L-M (2017) “Governing Difference: Managed multiculture and encounters at play in Singapore”. Masters Thesis. Department of Geography. National University of Singapore.

Khoo, L-M (2017), “Living with Diversity the Singapore Way” in Urban Solutions, Issue 10: Diversity, Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore.

Wu WN and Khoo, L-M, “The case for building new HDB flats in the city centre” in The Straits Times, 4 Nov 2016.

Chionh Chye Khye and Louisa-May Khoo (2016) “Home, Community, Identity: Singapore’s Public Housing Story” in Challenges and Reforms in Urban Governance: Insights from the Development Experience of China and Singapore , jointly published by the Ministry of National Development and the Development Research Centre of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

International Doctoral Fellowship (2018-2023), University of British Columbia

The Brahm Wiesman Memorial Scholarship in Community and Regional Planning (2020)

The Walter G. Hardwick Scholarship in Urban Studies (2020)

Senior Assistant Director (Adjunct), Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore (2012 – present)

Lecturer, Fujitsu-Jaims Foundation, “From Plans to Reality”, Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge Management Programme (Biannually in Singapore 2015-2018)

Assistant Director, Strategic Planning Division, Ministry of National Development, Singapore (2001-2003)

Executive Planner, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore (1996-2001)