Nila A. Utami


Nila A. Utami is a PhD student from UBC’s history department. Her broader research interests centre around the work of shifting the geography of knowledge production and of social and intellectual movement. In particular, she engages with the politics of memory and state violence, social movements and public memory, and interdisciplinary trans- and inter-regional research with a focus on dissent and peripheries. Currently, her project looks at the complexities of defining indigeneity in 20th century Indonesia by paying particular attention between the production of indigeneity as nativity and indigeneity as a claim to belonging by so-called putative Indonesians.

She is also involved in Transformative Memory International Network, an international platform of meeting, dialogue, and creation to scholars, artists, social movement leaders, community-based organizations, and policymakers engaged with the broader question of what makes memory transformative of a sense of self, relations to others, the legacies of violence and in connection to the land, as Project Coordinator and Digital Archive Lead. Check out the project’s website at:


List of Publication 

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